There Goes the Neighborhood

water plume from damaged fire hydrant on Meadow Wood Lane

January 1st brought us some unexpected excitement when a driver knocked over the fire hydrant across the street and released a 40-foot plume of water.

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Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

damaged fence, December 16, 2017

We had a ferocious wind storm here on Saturday, and it didn’t really surprise me when the back fence came down.

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Podcasting with Cats

Recording a podcast episode with Bece behind me

Whenever I’m on a video call or recording a podcast episode, I can count on Bece to photobomb me. Fortunately, most people I’m talking to find her antics entertaining.

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A Short Walk in Albany

splendidly overgrown garden with wooden garden bench on Carmel Ave in Albany, CA

Albany, which is just west of Berkeley, is full of charming Craftsman homes with equally charming gardens. The houses tend to have older wiring, older plumbing, and not enough bathrooms, but they sure are cute.

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The #AdultsLikeFlavors Hornblower Cruise

Vapers boarding the Pacific Hornblower

The #AdultsLikeFlavors Hornblower Cruise set sail around the San Francisco Bay on the afternoon of June 3, 2017. It was a lovely afternoon for a boat ride, so whether or not you care about the availability of flavored vapor products to legal adults, you might want to see the photos.

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