Podcasting with Cats

Recording a podcast episode with Bece behind me

Where Kiki is Velcro Kitty because of her habit of sticking herself to my shoulders, her sister Bece is ADD Kitty because she can never get enough attention. Whenever I’m on a video call or recording a podcast episode, I can count on Bece to photobomb me. Fortunately, most people I talk to find her antics entertaining.

  • Having a cat on your shoulder makes conversing difficult
    Attempting to talk around the cat
  • But you can tell from my smile that I actually enjoy Bece's attentions
    Okay, I admit it: I enjoy this
  • There's nothing like being cuddled by a kitty
    Is it bliss, or am I just blinking?
  • Bece faces offscreen and prepares to depart
    ADD Kitty looks away from the screen
  • Watching Bece after she jumps down onto my graphics tablet
    Fond regard for Bece

These images are small because they’re exported from the small picture-in-picture videos that Zoom shows when you’re sharing your screen.

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