Martinez Regional Shoreline

Palette of light and dark greens in wetlands and mountains

The Martinez Regional Shoreline park is much more extensive than the Big Break Shoreline park near my house, but like the Big Break park, it’s a marshy wetland, rather than a beach.

The acres of waving chest-high reeds create the illusion of a prairie–shattered as soon as you look down and see water, or cross one of the many bridges over Alhambra Creek and its rivulets. It seems like an easy place to lose a child or a dog. I saw a lot of signs that said “No Dogs,” but none that read “Keep child on leash.”

Judging by the map, my path on Monday took me down Kildeer Trail, over the arch bridge on Boardwalk Trail, and finally out onto Barrellesa St, where I encountered a couple of locals who were also held up by the freight trains. We followed the trail over the tracks and from there I went on to get some shots of the Amtrak station from the front and to explore the town further. (See previous post.)

It was a mostly cloudy, fairly breezy day with a few raindrops and occasional sunshine, prompting me to play a bit with the sky and sun in Lightroom after I got home.

With the combination of hills, wetlands, and a view over the Carquinez Strait, it’s a very nice place for a walk.

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