Downtown Martinez Gallery

Himself had a county supervisors’ committee meeting to attend on Monday, and while he was locked into a windowless room (okay, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know whether it was actually windowless, but that seems to be the case with a lot of these conference rooms), I spent the time walking around downtown Martinez and the Martinez Regional Shoreline (next post).

Martinez is the county seat for Contra Costa, so I’d been there several times before, to the County Clerk’s office (fictitious business names and marriage license) and the courthouse (jury duty). And also to deliver my cousin Jason to the Amtrak station so he could go home to Pasadena. (Trains run past my house several times a day, but the closest proper passenger rail station is in Martinez.) In spite of those many flying visits, I hadn’t really seen very much of the city.

The sign I parked my car next to said “Discover the charm,” and while there is a lot of Old West charm in Downtown Martinez, there are also a lot of empty storefronts and construction sites. Since I was out to have a nice walk rather than engaging in social commentary, I mainly took photos of the more appealing parts.

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