Dream Boards

Every year Lyn Diana has a “dream board” party on the third Sunday in December. I’ve been going since my then-housemate Eve introduced me to Lyn sometime early in the 2000s, and I always enjoy it.

I’ve heard these called “vision boards” and “treasure maps,” and probably other things. They’re collages meant to represent highlights of the past year and intentions for the coming year. We all show up with our magazines, calendars, greeting cards, and whatever else we might want to include or contribute and let our creativity out.

Most of the women who come to the party have been friends for a long time, and some of them have a very definite approach. I confess that while I sometimes choose one or two things to include ahead of time, I usually just grab whatever moves me and arrange it until it looks right.

This year, people were talking about what they do with the dream boards from past years, and I realized it would be a good idea to photograph the ones I still have and make a gallery. I was surprised that I had so few, even though I was pretty sure I hadn’t brought the old ones when we moved to Oakley. This is my sixth December here and I only have four dream boards, unless I managed to hide some of them from myself.


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