A Walk through the Neighborhood

Zooming in on Mt Diablo

The new Grocery Outlet in Oakley is open. It’s great advantage (other than occasional really good bargains) is that it’s actually within walking distance. Not as close as El Cerrito Natural was when I lived in El Cerrito, but at least close enough to walk to. It’s much easier for me to get out and walk if I have a destination.

It was a nice late-spring morning on Friday and I captured a few photos on my way there and back. It’s too late for most blossoms, but the eucalyptoids were still producing their odd flowers.

I also noticed that several of my neighbors had installed drought-tolerant alternatives to the grass lawns mandated in the development where I live. (Some of my neighbors have even put in Astroturf.) I’d like to take out the side lawn and do something similar.

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