It’s a Surprise!

I’ve been working pretty much non-stop (at least when not having migraines), so haven’t had time to post much to the blog. I did take a break yesterday, however, and went to a baby shower. The expectant father is the son of my friend Shel Holtz, co-host of the For Immediate Release podcast, which I’ve been listening to since 2005. (That’s how I know the family; people kept asking.) 

If you don’t know any of these people the photos won’t mean much, so here’s a little expectation. Ben, the father, knew the baby’s gender from the beginning, but Patty, the mother, did not. So the party centered around Ben’s announcement to Patty, which was done by bringing out two sets of balloons (one pink, one blue), and keeping the ones that matched the baby’s gender. (So as not to keep you in suspense: it’s a girl!)

Lots of work went into this party: carpet cleaning, catering, custom M&Ms, and a new patio table. It came off beautifully, with more than 30 guests, mostly family members. Grandma-to-be Michele’s brother and sister-in-law drove up from San Diego and Shel’s brother’s wife came from Los Angeles. The two cakes were the result of a bit of miscommunication.

I noticed a trend of awesome hair color among hosts and guests: Michele has red patches in her hair, Rachel has gone blonde, and other people had crimson hair, lavender hair…Well, you’ll see it.

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