Zwanenburg Gallery

Stefan and I spent our last night in Holland in the small town of Zwanenburg, a short drive from Schiphol Airport. Our flight was departing at 7 AM, and we didn’t want to make Cor drive us all the way from Rotterdam at three in the morning.

Rotterdam is a modern city, apart from a few buildings. Zwanenburg is an older town and shows more character. You can see from some of the houses in these pictures where the architectural term “Dutch Colonial” comes from.

On our way in, we passed an immense sugar factory (now an apartment complex) in Halfweg, and a pair of fascinating round towers with a sort of quilted pattern of diamond windows. I think these started out as silos. They make a stark contrast with the brick of the rest of the factory.

It was too cold to spend much time outside, but we took a walk while there was still some sunshine, to figure out where the restaurant was. My feet nearly froze walking back from the restaurant—which is what I get for wearing what amount to ballet slippers in December in Northern Europe.

Stefan was quite impressed with the food at Het Zwaantje, which included chicken livers with duck, pine nuts, and spinach. Naturally there were swans on display in the rafters of the restaurant. I was impressed that they gave me a menu in English. The portions were substantial, which I’m told is uncommon in Dutch restaurants.

Yes, there are some actual swans in Zwanenburg, on the canal.

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