ECC 2014 Gallery

Members of the ECC 2014 advocacy panel prepare to go on

Later I may actually have time to write something about ECC 2014, which was overwhelming, exhausting, and generally very worthwhile. For now I’m just going to post the photos, which aren’t going to win me any prizes but should give you an overall impression—of how thick the air in the expo hall was, if nothing else.

Breathing it was not a┬áproblem, but seeing through it—never mind photographing through it—was something else again. I can’t imagine what such an event would be like if that were actual smoke in the air, but then, I wouldn’t be attending an event with that much smoke in the air, and I’m sure California wouldn’t permit one.

Oh, yes. I somehow completely neglected to photograph any of the surgically enhanced models employed by certain of the vendors at ECC 2014. You know, the ones who thought their products weren’t sexy enough on their own. The offending vendors were in the minority, but the young women were kind of noticeable. More memorable to the numerous young male attendees than whatever they were supposed to be marketing, I’m sure. (And remember, according to certain members of the U.S. Senate, if you sell vapor products using porn, you are marketing to children.)

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