McInnis Park

pipeline crossing Las Gallinas Creek, McInnis Park, San Rafael, CA

I’ve been going to McInnis Park almost every month for years, because we have the BACN meeting at the Club Restaurant at the Golf Center, but I’ve never actually spent any time in the park. I decided to change that today and went for a walk around the playing fields next to the wetlands. It’s just as hot in San Rafael as in Oakley (or almost) but the playing fields looked nearly as well-watered as the golf course. There was actual mud–with paw prints–on part of the trail. (Admittedly, those fields are right next to extensive wetlands, but I don’t think Las Gallinas Creek had overflowed its banks the night before.)

I didn’t get over to the skate park–in fact, until I looked at the county park website, I didn’t know it existed–but I did encounter a dog walker and spot a large group headed over to the opposite fields to do something. There was shade over some of the picnic benches, but I wasn’t quite ready to eat lunch, so I just walked.

From the road driving up to the Golf Center, you can’t see the canoe dock in McInnis Park, though you do catch a glimpse of the railroad bridge (and, apparently, pipeline crossing). There’s a photo on the Marin County Parks blog of people kayaking on Las Gallinas Creek. The water was too brown to provide any indication of depth, but though it seemed to be moving at a decent speed, and I guessed it was probably deeper than Big Break, it didn’t seem like anything you’d want to put a boat with a keel into. (It didn’t look like something you’d want to put a toe into or take a fish out of, either–it wasn’t at all appetizing. Not nearly as pretty as in the parks blog photos from 2012.)

The park extends for 450 acres, so there’s a good deal more of it I could explore if I want to make taking walks after BACN meetings a habit. Admittedly I’m usually tired enough the day after a BACN meeting, but on days that involve so much driving and sitting, a walk could be a good idea.

You can tell I’ve been playing with Lightroom to not-entirely-consistent effect. It was somewhere between noon and 1 PM when I took these photos, and the actual light was essentially the same for all of them.

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