1. HI, I stumbled across your Embarcadero Cove photos while researching an old photo I saw on the internet of a house being moved across a freeway via an overpass. I am not sure what got me started on researching the photo, but it caught my interest. After some research, one of the photos you took in the Cove (olive-green-victorian-embarcadero-cove) is the house being moved over the freeway. Take a look:


    The house was owned by a man named Henry Raschen and was originally located at 1635 – 16th Avenue in Oakland. But in the fall if 1973, it was moved to the Embarcadero Cove Marina on the water in Oakland, where it stands today. The 1973 photo in the above link was taken on Highway 17 (now the Nimitz freeway) at an overpass adjacent to the Embarcadero Marina.


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