Big Break Regional Shoreline: The First Walk

Dying tree branch against the sky

The first time Himself and I took a walk in the park along the Big Break Regional Shoreline, we went in the wrong direction, so we never got to the actual shoreline.

The Delta Science Center hadn’t been built yet, and the paved path closest to the parking lot led us across the field, to the edge of the trees, over a rusty bridge, and eventually back into the Vintage Parkway housing development where we live–but not down by the waterside. Yesterday when I went walking I decided to follow that trail again, this time with camera in hand. (After that it was finally time to charge the camera, for the first time since I’d bought it.)

I still didn’t see any herons, or even egrets, but the dragonflies were abroad in abundance–too quick for my camera, though you can see some great photos in Bob Sikora’s Antioch Dunes collection on SmugMug. I also heard what sounded suspiciously like frogs, though I didn’t see any–further evidence that the wetlands haven’t yet run dry, even in the drought.

Incidentally, in case I haven’t mentioned it anywhere yet, the reason Big Break Regional Shoreline is called “Big Break” is because it used to be an asparagus field, but the levee broke and the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers washed in, instead. The water is very shallow along this shore, as you can see if you walk the other direction and look out over the fishing pier. (It’s especially shallow now with the drought, of course.) You don’t really want to take anything with a deeper keel than a kayak in past the break.

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