It’s Dead, Jim: Roger Dickinson’s Senior Aide Confirms that AB 1500 Was Defeated

Tiffany Mok, that pearl among staff members, just very kindly emailed me to confirm that AB 1500 has, in fact, failed, and that Assemblymember Dickinson’s request for a reconsideration does not mean that the bill will magically reappear by tomorrow. (There has been fast and furious speculation, and plans to storm the halls.)

Here is her message in its entirety:


At this time, the bill has failed passage. There is no indication that the legislation will be proposed again anytime soon on our end. The Assemblyfile should indicate this. It may state that the author’s request for reconsideration is noted, which means the bill could potentially come up, but there would be no testimony, and in this case, it is only if the bill were to have all the votes. We have no indication any votes have changed nor am I working on these efforts.

Given that folks should be skeptical, this can be confirmed with the Assembly Appropriations committee as well.

Have a great day Sallie!


Is this woman not an utter treasure? I hope Roger Dickinson appreciates her. She’s doing a terrific job of serving the public and upholding the democratic process.

If you do want to call the Appropriations Committee office just to confirm this, the number is (916) 319-2081.

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  1. Fantastic! I appreciate all the hard work you and Stefan and all the vapers and vendors who showed up and testified on our behalf! Keep up the outstanding work!

    1. I won’t lie: it is hard work, and time-consuming. Though I think the real hero of the day was Frank Bigelow, for questioning the “It’s for the children” rhetoric. Nobody wants kids to smoke, or even to vape if they were not previously smokers, but there is no piece of legislation that can keep a determined teenager out of trouble, and this one would have damaged the local economy and hurt small businesses without doing a darned thing to protect minors from their own folly.

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