Meet Velcro Kitty

Velcro Kitty, aka Kiki, with Sallie Goetsch

By now all the new readers must be convinced that I don’t write about anything but vaping, but I actually have a real life and I still get to spend some time on it between trips to Sacramento.

We have two lynx point Siamese mix cats, which we brought to California from Ohio in 2010. Shortly thereafter I taught Kiki to ride on my shoulder. Now she likes to climb up and watch me read my email at the breakfast table.

We started out calling her Parrot Kitty because of the way she rode around the house on my shoulder, but settled on Velcro Kitty because of the way she sticks and won’t be dislodged.

Kiki’s sister Bece, who is a founding member of Attention Seekers Anonymous and has been known to order things from the Internet, does not like to play this particular game.

This picture was taken with Photo¬†Booth on my MacBook Air, so excuse the low quality. And yes, I do look like that at 7 AM with no makeup. Get over it. I’m 46 years old and without makeup and Photoshop I am not going to look like a hot babe. Come to that, as a married middle-aged woman I have a somewhat reduced desire to look like a hot babe.

Oh, and if you’re worried, yes, we do keep all the liquid nicotine bottles tightly sealed and locked up out of the reach of the kitties. Which takes some doing, because they are good at opening closets and cabinets, so we had to put magnets and childproof latches on everything when we moved in.

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