Is this your cat?

Close-up of orange cat

Small orange cat lurking in my back yard

This cat has been visiting our back yard for a few months, to the fascination of our cats (who do not go out). It normally runs away at the approach of humans. For the past two days it’s been howling plaintively and coming right up to the back door. Though I originally assumed it was male, on account of its color, I think it may be female and in heat. (I heard loud copulating-cat sounds early yesterday morning.)

Since it doesn’t look starved, someone must be feeding it, presumably here in the Vintage Parkway development. I know that people sometimes put out food for strays without actually adopting them, but if this is actually YOUR cat, please:

  1. Put a collar with ID on it.
  2. Get it spayed/neutered. (Tail Wag Inn on Bethel Island Road will do this inexpensively for feral/stray cats.)
  3. Keep it in your own yard, or home, for its own safety.

I don’t want to have to trap this cat and haul it off to the vet myself as a TNR case myself. I don’t want to adopt it, either. Two cats are plenty, and though the girls have been tolerant of an outdoor visitor, I doubt they would welcome an intruder in their home. And if this cat DOES belong to someone, I have no right to adopt it or take over its care, anyway.

But right now it’s something of a public menace, because it’s disturbing the peace, and if it’s female and ends up having kittens, it’s a problem for the environment, because Oakley has a feral cat population that’s entirely too large already. (Assuming the kittens don’t die of malnutrition, parasites, or the other threats waiting for them outside.)

If you own this cat, presumably it comes home to eat and you don’t actually need to get in touch with me, but as it’s been spending a lot of time here, you can call me at (925) 418-4137 if you haven’t seen it lately.

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