Bethel Island Fifties Bash

Dori Anderson from the Bethel Island Chamber of Commerce attended our Oakley Chamber Mixer on August 9th and personally invited us all to the Fifties Bash, so I thought it would be good if someone showed up to represent Oakley, especially since she’d come to Oakley’s National Night Out event two nights previously.

It was (are we surprised?) dreadfully hot, somewhere around 106°.  Every source we consult seems to provide a different answer, but anything over 100° is TOO DARN HOT. This made the event torture for Stefan and difficult for me. I tolerate heat fairly well, though I burn easily, but once temperatures reach three digits, all bets are off.

Despite the punishing heat, it was a good event. It seemed to be well-attended and the classic cars were great. While there were no carnival rides as at the Brentwood Cornfest, there was also no dust, and there was a stage for musical performances and various contests.

There was a bit of drama when the children’s bouncy castle collapsed, but despite a bit of screaming, no one was in serious danger, much less actually injured. We wandered up and down the rows of cars taking photos and eventually discovered Dori, and the Chamber of Commerce building, back where we started. After a few minutes in the comparatively cool environs of Blair’s Trading Post, which shares a building with the chamber, we headed back home to clean up before our dinner date at Scottie’s Shutters Brasserie.

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  1. WOW…they have my old firebird! Its now collectible! Loved the car with the bull horns on the front grill. Huge show. Nice pic of the bouncy thingy collapse!

    Yep too hot! Great photos in spite of the heat.

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