Brentwood’s Dust-I-Mean-Cornfest

Brentwood Cornfest 2012

The Cornfest (site not working as I type this) is one of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce‘s biggest annual events, so I would have felt pretty much obligated to go even if I hadn’t been curious, not to mention hearkening back to the days of the Fourth of July celebrations in Auburn Corners (where people used to chase greased pigs) and Blossomtime in Chagrin Falls.

Then Stefan discovered that there was going to be a band playing called AC/DShe, so he actually wanted to go instead of having to be dragged along. We did figure we could skip the corn-husking contest, though.

It proved something of a challenging afternoon. First, it was a horrendously hot week. Temperatures had peaked at about 110° F a few days before and weren’t much cooler as we headed out the door. And thanks to the heat and a leaky valve in our sprinkler system, a nest of yellow jackets had moved in right next to said front door. One of them decided to sting me while I was locking the door on our way out. It’s a good thing I take Allegra every day anyway; as it was, it hurt like bugger-all for the rest of the evening and I had a red itchy spot on my leg for two weeks. (We showed them, though: by the following Wednesday the exterminators had obliterated the whole nest.)

The newly-acquired limp did not make me happier about the confusion regarding where to park and how to get in. It was only after walking a considerable distance that we discovered there was in fact a parking lot right by the gate, intended for disabled people and those willing to pay more. I don’t actually keep that blue placard behind my visor for fun, or because I have friends who work at the DMV. But I didn’t see a single sign indicating that there was disabled parking further ahead.

Events like this tend to be held out in the middle of a field. That was certainly the case with the Oakley Cityhood Celebration. The field in that case was a well-groomed, well-watered soccer field, however. This was a stubbly, bare field, and in the scorching heat it was pure, unadulterated dust. Stefan still hasn’t gotten his shoes clean.

We then had to figure out how to exchange our tickets for ID bracelets and go through security, before at last reaching a source of water and the event itself. The rides looked to be the same ones–literally the same–I’d ridden on at the Blossomtime carnival more than 30 years ago, and those weren’t new at the time. Picturesque, but one wonders about their safety.

Still, there was certainly more to do, on a larger scale, than at the Oakley event. And there was in fact alcohol for sale. Himself was grumbling about the fact that so many community  events around here are designated alcohol-free. (I have no objections to that, myself. I’m pretty sure that decision was made for a reason.) I liked the display of historic farm equipment. If it had been 15 degrees cooler, it would have been a lot better. I suppose that if you’re having a Cornfest, you need to have it at about the time corn is harvested, but July is pretty deadly out here in East County.

I made use of my handy earplugs during the band’s performance. I don’t mind the music of AC/DC, and thought the women did a good job, but it was, of course, loud. I realize that with music of this sort, that’s the point, but I’m a middle-aged lady with sensitive ears and a tendency to migraines.

I stuck the earplugs in and watched a fair-haired child of possibly three alternately dancing and playing in the dirt, and rolled my eyes at the puerile demands of (male) members of the crowd for “Big Balls.”  Since female artists have been covering songs by men, and vice versa, since approximately the dawn of music, I’m not sure why an all-female AC/DC cover band is supposed to be funny. Unusual, perhaps, but not inherently ridiculous.

After the concert we made our way out past the vendor booths (pausing for a wave at the truck from Pizzagoni’s Towing) and back to the car. Though we’d planned to go straight to dinner at Cap’s Oak Street Grill, Stefan needed a shower and a change of clothes, and I opted to wash my shoes.

We went in through the garage.

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  1. Yikes that is loud. These are really dust bowl events. Sure makes CF look like something done by Hollywood producers. Booze and heat are a rotten combo. Deadly probably. You skipping these next year? Happy Birthday not, hua!

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