Since we missed the chance to tour the Delta by boat (the tours were only running Saturdays and Tuesdays), we decided to follow the route suggested by AAA and tour the Delta by car. Our first stop was Isleton. Once known as the Little Paris of the Delta, it was pretty much a ghost town on a Monday mid-morning in April.

It is, in any case, a very small town: population 840. The website of the Isleton Chamber of Commerce highlights events as diverse as a rodeo, a Crawdad Festival, and a Spam Contest. (Not the kind you get in your e-mail inbox.)

According to Wikipedia, Isleton is in fact located on an island, Andrus Island in the Delta. From Oakley, you just get onto 160 and keep driving north toward Sacramento. Once you’re in the Delta, it’s hard to tell what’s an island and what isn’t, and what’s a river and what’s not, for that matter.

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