Mount Diablo

My father and his wife came to visit in April. I’m back-dating these photos to the dates on which they were taken, to avoid having a massive cluster of posts on the same day, and to preserve a rough chronology for the future. It is in fact September as I type this.

The first place we went was Mount Diablo. You can see Mount Diablo from pretty much anywhere in East County, and so can easily forget how far away it actually is, not to mention how long it’s going to take to drive up it. (Especially, let’s face it, the way my father drives, but that isn’t a drive you want to make at top speed.)

I hadn’t been up there for years, not since one of Stefan’s earliest visits to the Bay Area. This time I knew what I was seeing when I looked down and spotted the Antioch Bridge, which indicates the location of Oakley.

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