Breakfast with the Mayor at the UPS Store

Oakley UPS Store hosts breakfast with the Mayor, March 3, 2012

I work from home, but don’t want to hand out my home address to all and sundry. That’s where the UPS Store comes in: I rent a mailbox there to use as my business address. That way there’s always someone to sign for packages. El Cerrito’s UPS Store earned my ire by failing to forward my mail after I moved (and then overcharging me when they finally managed to send something on), but so far the Oakley UPS Store has been great, despite the number of huge packages my husband and I have inflicted on them.

A few months ago a delightful Indian couple, Kajal and Shalendra Sharma, bought the franchise for our UPS Store. They joined the Oakley Chamber of Commerce about the same time I did. This morning they hosted the March Breakfast with the Mayor for chamber members, where we got an update on the planned changes to Main Street as well as the construction associate with the new Carpaccio’s/La Costa building.

As I understand it, the idea is to create (or perhaps re-create) an actual downtown area for Oakley, starting with the area around City Hall and Carpaccio’s. That means narrowing the street and adding a center divider and some angle parking and potted trees, with the aim of slowing down automobile traffic and encouraging more foot traffic. The hope is that the trucks that whip past at high speed—as we all noticed during the groundbreaking ceremony—will use the former Bypass Road (now officially Highway 4) instead of coming down Main Street.

What I want to know is why they didn’t start using the Bypass Road from the minute it was built. It’s a better, faster, road, as long as you’re going where it takes you. Surely some of the trucks must have started using it before the handover ceremony, and the ones that are still driving down Main Street have another reason to do so, unless it’s just habit. (The desire to eat at La Costa and the Black Bear diner, maybe?)

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