Bethel Island, Part 1

"No Parts" graffiti on boats

These are the photos I would have taken the first time Stefan and I visited Bethel Island, if I’d only had my camera with me.

Bethel Island, for those unfamiliar with the Delta, is a “census-designated place” with a population of about 2100 a few miles from Oakley. It’s just barely an island, since the sloughs dividing it from Jersey Island, the Holland Tract, and the mainland are pretty narrow.

In any case, it makes Oakley look like a teeming metropolis. There are cows, goats, horses, and the occasional dead skunk, as well as a good 300 acres of empty land for sale.

The first time we went there, about a month ago, we drove up Bethel Island Road to Gateway Road and out all the way to the water, thus landing at Frank’s Marina, which is abandoned. The map I bought today says that next to Frank’s Marina is Riverview Harbor, and then Lundborg Landing. What we saw was a deserted RV park used as a dumping ground.

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  1. This marina is not a marina. It is a home for meth heads & every type of spider known to man. We were given a houseboat that was berthed at Frank’s. The carberators and anchors were stolen leaving us stranded & unable to move. If we go down for weekend, the first day has to be spent pressure washing the millions of spiders off of boat in order to get in & forget walking around at night they will fall all over you if you don’t fall through the dock first.
    They shouldn’t be allowed to operate a business like this.

    1. Hi, Kary. I didn’t know Frank’s Marina was actually still in business. I have no connection with them, so you should probably take your complaints to the town council or the chamber of commerce.

      I’m afraid the entire Delta is full of spiders. We are on constant patrol for them at home.

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