I Actually Won Something!

Gift certificate from Post Meridian


This evening I went to a mixer sponsored by the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce sponsored at the darling D’jour Floral and Antiques shop. (I must take my mother there when she next visits; it has a very high Cute quotient.) I’ve been attending more Chamber events in the past few months, as I’m going to be doing some podcasting work with them, and I’m enjoying getting to know local business owners.

Yes, I have lived and worked in El Cerrito since 2001. No, it’s not that big a town. Yet for most of this time I’ve had no idea who the people running for city council were, and there are a lot of shops I’ve never been in. This might just possibly have something to do with working out of my home and spending most of my time working. (Oh, and shopping online a lot.)

Anyway, back to the party. Scarcely had I set foot in the door when I was offered raffle tickets. Raffles are popular with the ECCC. I had no idea what they were raffling off, but I bought a ticket anyway.

To my great astonishment, I won the top prize of the evening: dinner at the Post Meridian restaurant in Kensington and a dozen roses from D’jour. (The Kensington in question, for non-local readers, is not the posh suburb of London but the posh neighborhood separating the Berkeley hills from the El Cerrito hills.) It used to be the Kensington Bistro. I’ve never been in there, either.

The cuisine is “California French,” and looks a trifle challenging for someone who can’t have grain, sugar, cream, or alcohol, but the head chef is delightful and I’m sure we’ll work it out.

The dinner-and-roses combo is meant for Valentine’s Day, but as my sweetie won’t be here again until late spring at least, we’ll just have to find a different occasion.

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