The Amazing Computing Abilities of Felines

Cat sleeping on laptop This is not the post I was going to write today—never mind the post I was going to write a couple of weeks ago, that got delayed due to the way client work almost inevitably takes precedence over everything else.

But the cat discovered something I didn’t know Windows could do. The cat is not my cat, though I am one of her human minions, and she considers my laptops (both the one I use and the one my housemate uses) nice, cozy resting places.

If I’m inattentive enough to leave the machine open when I go out of the room, this is what I come back to find: one cat on the keyboard (frequently leaving particles of kitty litter underneath the keys, thank you very much) and several programs running that I didn’t have open when I left. If you look closely at the image, you’ll see the calculator accessory and Windows Media Player, neither of which I ever use.

Turning off the “Num Lock” key and even powering the machine down entirely are old tricks. Today there was a new one: setting the transparency of my Outlook window to 60%.

I didn’t even know that windows in Windows had transparency settings. I mean, what would you want them for? If you want to see something else, minimize the window, move it, resize it, or Alt-Tab.

Fortunately, I know how to right-click in the Task Bar, so I sorted the problem out after only a little head-scratching.

And my ingenious housemate discovered that if I only close the laptop part of the way, it won’t go into hibernation. (Okay, I knew that, but never thought to apply it to times when I leave the room for too brief a period to want to shut the machine down completely.)

Keep the cat out of the room? You have to be joking.

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  1. My dear Sallie,

    Dontcha know that a half open laptop is only the best invitation to a snooze on the keyboard–in fact it makes the whole experience that much more fun!!!!

    I hope it may be an option, albeit for a while, however never, ever underestimate the powers of the kitten world to open and insert their feline selves into wherever and whatever they want to do.

    Where did you think the phrase Cat Burglar came from?

    your Cat Comrade,

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