Candy-Apple Red

candy-apple-1 My naturally-dishwater hair has a curious property. While it accepts highlighting in an entirely normal fashion, attempts to apply darker colors never come out as dark as they’re intended to. The shade my brilliant hairdresser actually applied is a sort of deep burgundy. This, as you see, is not the color my hair turned.

But you know what? I love it. Though I’ll no doubt have a heart attack when I wake up and look in the mirror tomorrow morning, and I’m sure people will be saying “Oh, my God” for days.

(The setting sun makes the color look more orange than it is—it actually has decidedly pink overtones, hence my conclusion that my hair is now candy-apple red.)

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  1. Sallie, I LOVE it! Great way to celebrate a new President, and now all you have to do is wear blue and white to be an ongoing inspiration to the entire nation. Of course, to those of us who know you best, we have the great good fortune to be inspired by you at all times, irrespective of your colors. Still, I am inspired now to do something new and fun myself. Perhaps even (gasp) try some new recipe for breakfast! Love you! NMW! Susan

  2. Your mother told me about your hair so I let my self to look and I think is very cool.
    Take care!
    Ania (Doroty’s worker)
    P.S. I hope I won’t get fired for this;)

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