Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

damaged fence, December 16, 2017

We had a ferocious wind storm here on Saturday, and it didn’t really surprise me when the back fence came down. It had started listing rather alarmingly after the previous storm, and it had already come down once a few years ago.

The neighbors fixed it that time, so it seemed only fair that it should be our responsibility this time. And this time, it was clear there was no fixing it.

But our otherwise awesome landlord hired a new property management company earlier this year. I had Stefan take a picture of the fence (through the sliding doors and the screen, because he’s sick and it’s cold outside) and included it in the report that I filed immediately through their online system.

I got an automated reply saying the report had been received, but didn’t hear anything. It was the weekend, so I wasn’t that surprised. The neighbors appeared to be away, as I didn’t see or hear anything of them, and it was their house most at risk of damage, since the fence fell away from us. (As you can see in the photos, the space between our houses is barely wider than the fence was tall.)

The owner of the house behind us (like us, the neighbors are renters) came out to inspect the damage on Monday. I gave him the property management’s contact information and filed a second report explaining that he was planning to replace the fence himself but would appreciate it if our landlord would split the cost.

I got another automated reply.

It’s Tuesday night. The fence has now been replaced, much stronger than the original, which was, after all, 30 years old. I think the property owner and his assistant did a bang-up job, so to speak.

I have still not heard a word from our property management company. I’m in some doubt as to whether I will.

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