I Can See Clearly Now: the Strain Is Gone

Sallie wearing reading glasses in front of bookshelf

Yesterday on my way home from the BACN meeting I picked up my new glasses. They took less than a week to arrive, which was great. Alas, I discovered as I was heading out of the parking lot that there had been some kind of a mix-up and the sunglasses had the wrong prescription.

(I remember back when we got Stefan’s glasses, there was a problem with one set, and it took more than a week for those to arrive.)

The clear driving glasses have an amazing effect, however. And not just when I’m driving. They let me see things on the other side of the room that have gotten to be unaccountably fuzzy over the past year.

Because of the brightness of the sun, however, I do need sunglasses, so as a temporary expedient I stopped at Target and picked up a modern equivalent of what we used to call “old lady glasses.”

I’ll go back to Costco Optical today with the sunglasses and have them send them back for the correct prescription. I’d hoped at first that I might be able to use the sunglasses in the afternoons when it gets too bright in my office, but polarized lenses and TFT screens interact poorly–the result is that while the text is sharp, the screen itself appears to be layered in ways that make it more difficult rather than easier to look at. And I just don’t read novels outdoors in the sun often enough to make it worth having polarized reading glasses.

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