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Big Break Regional Shoreline: the place where the levee broke

I was feeling really cranky this morning. That might have something to do with having problems with two different external hard drives, or having to throw my breakfast away and start again because the scale turned off at an inconvenient moment, or even spending more than two hours at the Oakley City Council meeting last night to no purpose, but honestly, it’s probably hormones. It sort of has that feeling, especially after two days of hot flashes, cold clammy chills, draggy exhaustion, and headaches. (I blame last night’s spectacular back pain entirely on the chairs in the Oakley council chambers, however.)

In any case, I decided to go for a walk and let the wind blow my crankiness away. I’ve been trying to mend my sedentary ways recently, particularly since my father just spent a week in the hospital with congestive heart failure, so I’ve been making a point of getting out from under my computer and walking more often.

My preferred place to walk in Oakley is Big Break Regional Shoreline, just down the street from the housing development where I live. (I’m working my way up to walking there from the house–I really have become very feeble.) There aren’t usually many people there, and though it’s close to the railroad and not far from Main Street, the strongest sound is the wind, interwoven with bird calls.

Last time I was there I saw a heron, blue and unexpected; today, when I actually had the memory card in the camera, the larger birds stayed out of sight. I saw small birds rowing white-barred wings against the wind and heard killdeer calling distinctively in the grass. Most of the usual species, from raptors to ducks, seemed to be taking shelter.

I wouldn’t have wanted to fight that wind on a long freeway drive (never mind try to fly in it if I were a bird), but it was splendid to walk inĀ it and feel its energy.

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