Oakley? Where’s Oakley?

Our house in Oakley

That’s what most of my friends asked when I told them I was moving here.

I ┬áhave to admit, I hadn’t heard of Oakley, myself. I wasn’t that familiar with East Contra Costa County. I’d expressed reluctance at the idea of moving out to the suburbs when Stefan first proposed it. It would be hot. It would be isolated. We wouldn’t be able to walk anywhere. It would take forever to drive to anyplace we were accustomed to going.

All those things are true.

So is the fact that we can get a gorgeous 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath house with washer/dryer hookups in the garage for barely more than we had to pay to live in a run-down firetrap of a 2-bed, 1-bath apartment in a four-plex in El Cerrito. I haven’t had a washing machine for ten years. Or a separate office. Or enough room for a dinner party. Or a guest room.

I could live without all the driving, but apart from the construction around Somerville Ave, Highway 4 doesn’t deserve all the complaints it gets. (Have these people never driven in Southern California?) The air conditioning keeps it bearable indoors, and it is nice to see sunshine instead of fog. People are generally friendly, though the neighbors to the rear could be a reality (comedy) TV show.

As for where Oakley is, approximately halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, on the Delta. Here’s a locator map from the City of Oakley website. (Not to our house, but we live pretty close to the civic center and the all-important Black Bear Diner.)

Map locating Oakley in the Bay Area

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