Stefan’s Photos of Me

Sallie Goetsch 2009, photographed by Stefan Didak, styled by Kathleena Gorga

Most of the photos of me from the past 5 years have been taken by Stefan and are posted  on his Flickr account. I’m including them here partly to demonstrate the Photonic plugin for WordPress, but also because it saves me uploading them all over again.

The most recent photos as of this posting were taken in July 2009. (Those are the Oakland Cemetery photos where my hair is an exceptionally vivid red.)

Warning: most of these images have passed through Photoshop and been somewhat enhanced. Stefan insists.

6 sets
  • Sallie @ Oakland Cemetery
  • Sallie & Podcasters
  • Halo 3 Launch Party
  • FIR Dinner
  • New Media Expo 2007
  • Sallie Goetsch

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